Close Codia Acoustic began in 2010 by making speaker enclosures made of birch plywood. "Wood based" We use birch plywood as the main material for the audio rack panel. Wood is the best material for hi-fi sound,we believe. When you consider that most musical instruments are made of wood, the benefits of wood when it comes to hi-fi sound are clear. And birch plywood, which covers the disadvantages of wood distortion, has been used for music halls for a long time and is a proven material in the acoustic field. "Multiple materials" Every material has its own specific resonant frequency. The combined use of multiple materials is absolutely advantageous for resonance and vibration control by offsetting specific resonance frequencies. In the case of the Stage 3000 series, the combination of wood, aluminum, stainless steel, rubber, and Teflon brings a very positive impact on the sound of the audio system as a result. APS Damper system, which is applied to all our racks, is also designed on such a basis. Titanium, "Stunning element for better sound" In 2021, we introduced titanium material for the first time in the audio rack industry, and footers such as spike-shoes using titanium are getting more and more popular as time goes by. "Design for Music" Every design element is reviewed and engineered for better sound quality and it is very practical without any unnecessary space elements . No matter how good the design is, we boldly discard design elements that may have adverse effects on sound quality and design concisely. Due to the above features, we have been producing very good results only with the product itself, with almost no global marketing, and users' satisfaction after long-term use is very high.



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